Digitization made easy:
The best and safest way to optimize your application and administration processes

Awarded with the German Innovation Award – PROGRANTA is Germany’s leading SaaS solution for application management. It is the first-rate all-in-one digital solution for government institutions and enterprises.

Digital transformation optimally solved

Digitization brings you many benefits, but making it seamless is a challenge, if not problematic, for many. 

What we offer is a way from paper-based or old database systems and towards significantly more effective processes. Our system is easy to implement, 100% paperless, user-friendly and with the highest possible data security. 

PROGRANTA guarantees you:

PROGRANTA - a decision for uncomplicated and secure digitization

With PROGRANTA you choose a SaaS (Soft as a Service) application with the focus on digitizing processing and administration workflows as well as data organization easily and quickly. 

Designed for use in government institutions or private commercial enterprises, optimizing processes in healthcare, banking, or in scientific, media, cultural areas. 

PROGRANTA offers you:

12 good reasons why customers choose the market leader PROGRANTA and keep it

The advantages of our holistic system show our customers already on the 1st day of use, why PROGRANTA is the market leader.
A system that gives you everything you need to get started right away, even with the standard version.

  1. 100 % paperless
  2. No physical media needed
  3. Fast and trouble-free use
  4. Very user-friendly and intuitive to operate
  5. No installation of programs or apps required
  6. Location and time-independent operation
  1. Unlimited individualization
  2. Highest safety standards
  3. User-specific data entry and access control
  4. Flexible working via desktop or mobile
  5. Function and system expansion is possible at any time
  6. Significant time saving
years of experience and know-how
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