Efficient Development

We offer you a fast and low-risk development:
  • Timely implementation and early live testing and optimization
  • Lean development
  • Reduced project risk
  • Implementation of learnings in the process
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Transparency in all development steps
  • Optimal utilization of budgets

On Time – Within Budget

It is essential for our clients to complete projects quickly and on time as well as on budget.

In conventional development methods, extensive requirement specifications are usually drawn up first, which represent the complete requirements of a product without any gaps.

In the process, many essential requirements are disregarded, since needs are only identified during operation. The requirements specification, which was created with great effort is then largely invalid.

Agility in development – meeting needs

During the implementation of PROGRANTA we attach great importance to understanding the needs of our customers in an agile and flexible way, and how to implement them quickly.

Using the PROGRANTA modular system and the individual customer requirements, we develop a solid, complete prototype that is immediately and conveniently ready for use with all features.

On this basis, additional features can be added to the core application and changes can be made easily. This approach is only possible thanks to PROGRANTA modular system, which has been developed over 15 years specifically for the business processes of our customers.

Ready to experience PROGRANTA?

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