Get to know PROGRANTA's full range of individual functionality, effectiveness and data security

Advanced User Management

People management
This function expands the role and rights management available in the basic version to include convenient user administration and contact data management.
Duplicate-free address management
Contact data management of persons and companies including assigned direct contacts and address data.
Supervisor and user hierarchy

These functions make it possible to group users who are supervised team leader, mentor, etc.

Multi-level hierarchies (e.g. management, team or department managers and operators) are also possible. Hierarchically superior users can monitor and process all applications of subordinate users.

Advanced Application Management

Project management

In contrast to the single application management in the basic license, the applicants create a password-protected user account.


Programmes in which multiple applications can be submitted, or initial and subsequent applications that build on each other within a programme, can be conveniently managed together in one account via an input mask. The applications can also be visible after project completion.

Partner assignment

Partner assignment enables applicants to work in a network. Here, the simultaneous processing of an application by users with different rights is made possible.


For co-productions and group applications, an applicant can grant other persons defined access rights to his application. Either only „read rights“ or „read and edit rights“.


Of course, the applicant has the data protection related decision-making authority over the allocation of rights at all times. The rights can be set separately for each application. In order to maintain transparency, all entries are logged by PROGRANTA and assigned to the individual processors in a traceable manner.

Multi-stage project applications and sub-projects

The so-called sub-proposals allow for complex applications consisting of several sub-projects to be evaluated independently of each other.


This means that each application can be divided into a defined number of sub-applications to be evaluated separately. These sub-applications can be approved or rejected individually as part of the overall application.

Central program management and single sign-on

With the help of the central program management, various funding programs can be combined into one application portal and processed via a single sign-on.


One URL, a central common person and user administration as well as only one password for all programs of a funding body are necessary – for applicants as well as for administrative users.


The usability is significantly increased, especially for multiple users. This function can also be used to perform statistical analyses of cross-program data, which can be displayed collectively in defined overviews.

Access control

By means of the access control, regulated time windows can be defined in which the application administration is accessible (switching the login page on and off).

Submission Control

By means of the submission control, regulated time windows can be defined in which the applications can be submitted for processing (switching the submit button on and off). Data entry into the application system is still possible at any time.

Advanced Workflow Management


The dashboard gives you immediate information about current changes to all data records stored in the system: Notes and information from other users, received e-mails, status changes of ongoing processes or supplementary uploads of documents.

Administrators or funding officers can create appointments and be reminded of tasks via the module.
Note function

Using digital Post-its – similar to a circular file – clerks can add notes to each individual process and exchange supplementary text memos, information and comments with each other.

Floating file
Completely digital circular file for cross-departmental and cross-processing as well as completely process-independent functional dispositions.
In the documentation module, supplementary documents can be uploaded as any file type (such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, audio and video files, etc.) assigned to a process.
Text cleaning function

This function removes unwanted formatting, for example from copied MS Word files before entering them into the database.

Address module
The address module summarizes persons and address data. These can be exported as VCF file to third party systems.
SMART button
SMART button can be freely defined with commands that automatically control the communication, application or process in case management.

Advanced Input and Output Management

DE Mail module

This function enables a 100% seamless, electronic application process and authentication. All that is required is a simple DE-Mail account.


There is no need to purchase card readers or additional hardware or software. The handling is completely barrier-free and as simple as sending and receiving e-mails.


This module is used to administer the entire electronic contracting process. All submissions incl. changes are logged and also the administration of multiple submissions of application pre-stages (version control) is possible.

PDF/A module

This module enables the generation of documents in PDF/A format. The layout of the output file can be freely defined.


It is also possible to manage multiple generated file versions, including receipt control, change logging and multiple submission options.


The documents are documented in the system with a timestamp and the entire process is logged so that subsequent changes can be traced at any time. Connection to long-term archive systems is possible.

Word generator

All database contents can be exported in a freely definable layout via this module as finished Word documents. These documents can then be further processed in the common compatible Office programs on Mac and Windows PCs.

Excel generator
All database contents can be exported via this module as Excel documents, which can be further processed in the common compatible Office programs on Mac and Windows PCs.
PDF generator

All database contents can be exported via this module as PDF documents in freely definable layouts, which can be read in the common compatible PDF readers on Mac and Windows PCs.

Advanced Voting Management

Voting Matrix

When processing an application, committee members have individual access to the data records and processes to be evaluated in a clear evaluation matrix.

Voting can be done in hidden or open voting. If desired, unlocked groups can transfer applications live from the meeting to other users for further processing. Data fields can be defined for each project, which can be filled out directly in the voting mask.

In addition, it is possible to enter information, reasons or other remarks in comment fields, which can then optionally be transferred directly as a generated protocol.

Session module incl. protocol function

As a supplement to the voting matrix, this function extends the voting and evaluation support for the approval of applications in any size.

The processing can take place independent of space and time: either from the home office or in a joint meeting. All important meeting actions such as reasons for approval and rejection, distribution of votes, biases or the amount of funding can be logged live in the system during the meeting.

Subsequently, selected fields can be exported or generated into a printable document in the corporate design of the funding body.

Advanced Communications Management

Email function
With PROGRANTA, in addition to data management, you can use the email function to communicate with and between the various users.
Email inbox management

Incoming emails are assigned to the corresponding projects and also stored there.

This function allows a quick insight into the current communication status of the project and ensures a smooth project handover, e.g. in the case of holiday replacements. The parallel use of Outlook and other Office programs is possible.

Automated email actions

Depending on the process, emails can be sent either immediately or with a time delay. With PROGRANTA you can handle complete standardized communication.

Bounce management

Incoming emails are checked and possible automated feedback is sent to the sender, for example, if there is no assignment to the application or if viruses are suspected.

To optimize the server load, the function provides for a maximum of 3 bounce emails to an addressee per day. After that, no more emails are sent to avoid possible SPAM flagging.

Email client

PROGRANTA is a full-featured email client that can be used to create and send emails manually and, if desired, supplemented with automatically updated content from the PROGRANTA database.

The emails are automatically assigned to the corresponding projects and can be accessed centrally by all agents.

Email template management

Your own individual email templates can be set up. The email templates are then retrieved directly from the email client.

Advanced Interface Management

CSV export

The contents of all data fields can be exported as an Excel-compatible CSV file for further processing. The desired data fields can be selected individually for each export.


A selection per status, e.g. „all released transactions“, can also be submitted for export. Likewise, the collected output of data records from several requests in a CSV file is possible.

CSV export from integrated additional modules

In addition to the activity data, integrated sub-databases (e.g. from lists within a project or an optionally integrated funds call function) can also be exported to an Excel-compatible CSV file as an overview overall or according to selected key dates.

CSV export sets

For regular reports, predefined export sets/export combinations can be saved and retrieved as needed and exported as a preconfigured Excel-compatible CSV file.

Direct export accounting
For accounting purposes, data records can be exported in DATEV format (as ASCII, XML or CSV).
Direct export online banking
Various online transfer systems can be served by means of this export module (for example as DTAUS or SEPA or DTAZV).
Export PLUS

As an extension to the export functions, this module offers a freely configurable process and time-controlled data export.

This is customizable at the data field level and includes attachments as well as application related data from other integrated third-party systems. The export can also be compressed as a ZIP file or configured for automatic imports into external third-party systems.

Advanced Data Management

List generator

With the help of this module, lists and tables can be created and integrated into the data field masks.


The use of the list generator is particularly helpful if no fixed number of data fields can be specified in advance, as is the case, for example, when listing project participants or entering hours for accounting purposes.


The user can add to lists line by line and PROGRANTA generates new dynamic data fields that are stored in the database.


The system also provides simple calculations such as subtotals and can perform complex plausibility checks using the formula generator.

DB Multi option

Database fields can be assigned several functions and assignments to be managed in parallel. Transactions can, for example, be assigned to several departments or financial years at the same time, as may be necessary for multi-level procedures or transactions to be managed over several years.

Advanced Financial Management

Cost module

This module allows the tabulation of selected number and data fields in an Excel-like input.


With this module, calculations and financial overviews can be displayed particularly clearly. Supplemented by the formula editor, automated calculations can also be performed within the table.

Formula Editor

In addition to simple sum calculations, this module also performs plausibility checks as well as limit and threshold value calculations.


Users are able to manually correct entered as well as automatically calculated values for special cases or legitimate exceptions. This can be done directly in the respective data field or via additional data fields. Changes are logged in the history log and thus remain traceable.

Formula Editor BASIC
This function can be used to perform simple arithmetic operations in data fields (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Formula Editor PLUS
This extended formula editor can be used to perform complex mathematical calculations and combinations of various conditions with numerical values as well as plausibility checks in texts.
Intermediate funds call and documentation

Funds call module

You can use this function to define statuses and process steps when calls for funds are made in the course of application processing.

Additional conditions may also be defined which must be met before a call for funds can be submitted. This module controls, among other things, the maximum amounts available. In conjunction with the PROGRANTA formula editor, it can also control complex calculations such as percentage withholdings, own funds to be contributed, or even repayments.

The module is designed both for the management of the application and the operators who do the further processing, including the generation of cover letters, lists, documents, statements, and notifications.


Reports and vouchers module

Generates and manages interim, factual, and final reports during ongoing transaction processing. Supports freely definable statuses and process steps.


Proof-of-use list module

This function allows you to create, submit and manage interim and final proof-of-use lists during ongoing transaction processing.

Funding Round Manager

This module allows PROGRANTA to manage the organizational allocation of each transaction.

The tasks can, for example, be grouped according to time periods, regions, or meetings and assigned accordingly. Lists and documents corresponding to the respective tasks are also prepared and displayed according to the assignment.

Fund management
This function monitors the maximum available or spent funds and the funds still to be budgeted.
Budget Management
For complex financial management, PROGRANTA controls and administers budgets and also multi-year budgets.
Accountability reports
This function monitors the maximum available or spent funds and the funds still to be budgeted.
Direct statistics

Key figures can be displayed directly from the search function through freely defined formulas.

Controlling views and tabular lists

Individual overviews can be generated and continuously retrieved via this module.


These can include, for example, individual statistical or dynamic lists, tables, or otherwise structured views. In terms of project management, logging info and documentation as well as financial planning can be included. All controlling and list views can also be exported directly as CSV or Excel files.

Advanced Interface

Individual "Home & Info"
The following texts may be specified individually by the funding body:
  • Info login page
  • Info texts on the login page and in the admin area
  • Info texts on the registration page
  • Infotexts (start page group administration)
  • Checkbox Texts „File Number / Terms of Use“
  • Deadline Info
  • Texts for e-mails sent to applicants upon successful registration
  • Texts for e-mail on successful registration to system (to all users)
  • Various bounce e-mails (confirmation of receipt, attachment, missing project assignment)
  • Imprint
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Terms of use
Individual "System texts"
If desired, all designations in the system can be renamed according to the naming conventions of the client.
Individual "Texts & Downloads"
On request, texts selected by the client as well as downloads can be entered and printouts created (welcome texts, etc.).
Web View

Enables the display of selected content on the client’s website or external websites. PROGRANTA offers interfaces to common content management systems, such as TYPO3 or WordPress.


A typical application is, for example, the compilation of an „overview of funded projects“ with the title, name of the applicant, and amount of funding as press information or short profiles of jury members or consultants.


The data is only exported via verified access rights, and the security of the stored confidential data is guaranteed at all times.

Grouping for function selection
Dynamic data selection from database fields. Predefined queries which are only available according to user rights (before login or after login), can also be sent to the database.
Multilingual versions
PROGRANTA is designed for multilingual use and can be extended to the desired language version at any time.
Media View
Data uploaded to an application can be clearly displayed on mobile devices such as iPads or tablets by means of an image overview.

Advanced System Functionality

Data from overlapping administrative areas
This function allows you to display data cumulatively from several databases, programs and departments. For example, for controlling or other administrative overviews.
Cross-transaction and cross-program content
Data from other data sources, different activities or projects can be transferred to a data record that is currently being processed. This applies, for example, to projects that build on each other or to accounting periods that are to be combined for the same activity.

Available Services


Our consulting services include the critical analysis and evaluation of existing work processes and delivered documents. In addition, we also provide complete support for the organisational changeover to digital processes.


Our focus is on increasing efficiency and team-supporting measures. The basis of our consulting services can include, for example:

  • the existing documentation of our clients
  • interviews
  • structured workshops
  • meetings for the elaboration of the required needs for the project
Support for extensions and hotline
Support of our PROGRANTA users via hotline as well as competent consulting for required system extensions.
Technical support for patches, updates, upgrades, system maintenance and monitoring. With our maintenance concept and the optional SLA (Service Level Agreements) you have full and long-term operational security without the need to build up and maintain internal resources.
The introduction of PROGRANTA is accompanied by training courses for administrative users. The intuitive user guidance reduces the time required for the introduction.
Data import from third party systems
PROGRANTA offers a wide range of import and export interfaces. Data transfer to and from the system takes place via encrypted connections and secured data transport protocols.
Design adaptation
The PROGRANTA user interface can be adapted to your corporate design on request. This offers all users a clear identification based on the look & feel.
Individual programming

In addition to customizing the standard and additional modules, we offer the programming of individual functions as well as integration into websites and portals.

Hosting - Operation - Maintenance - Support


We offer you customized hosting service packages that meet the most stringent safety requirements.


Our data center in Germany is DIN-EN-ISO-9001 certified as well as DIN-ISO/IEC-27001 certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).


The security level corresponds to Tier 3. The secured web servers with scalable cloud architecture are characterized by high reliability and high availability through load balancing.

Option: Your own email server
In addition to hosting PROGRANTA systems and databases, all other IT services relevant to operations, such as a separate email server or additional back-up systems, can also be set up via PROGRANTA hosting.

The End of Paper Use

No more unnecessary files!

Depending on the purpose, the only paper documents while using PROGRANTA, are a grant application signed by the applicant or a grant notice signed by the administrator.

However, with the use of the additional module DE Mail, these steps can also be omitted.

All content is available digitally and can be accessed directly from PROGRANTA by users, depending on their access rights.


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