Contract Management

 Managing the application phase is one thing. Managing contracts and processes is another. This also applies to advanced application management and input/output management.

With PROGRANTA you automate and manage everything in no time. 

Electronic contract conclusion fast, secure, legally valid

With PROGRANTA you can work 100% digitally including signing, authenticating and administering contracts. 

All purchases and contracts at a glance

Whether it is a project where one or more individual applications are made 


Networked working promotes effective working

PROGRANTA partner allocation allows you to network and work effectively with applicants.

  •  You define the editing rights crystal clear, such as „read right“ or „edit right“. 

  •  This way, the applicant can effectively serve you online. 

  • Best of all, you can define the access rights for each application individually. 

  • In addition, you can track each operation because it is logged in the PROGRANTA system.

Manage multi-stage project proposals and sub-projects with ease

It often happens that a project consists of sub-projects that are independent of each other – and there are corresponding sub-proposals. 

  • PROGRANTA allows you to divide a proposal into a defined number of subproposals, which you can evaluate independently.

  • Sub-applications can thus be approved or rejected individually as part of the overall application. 

Minimize your work with submission deadlines

Submission deadlines are a regular feature and can be easily coordinated and automatically monitored by you with PROGRANTA.

  • When the submission deadline has passed, the submit button is automatically disabled for the applicant.

Enhanced application management

While in the PROGRANTA Basic version you have a single application management, with the extended application management you can assign password-protected user accounts to applicants.

Easy operation through operating aids
  • Even our standard configuration allows every user to find their way around with our built-in guidance. From login through to every application level.
  • If desired, you can also store individual help texts. 
Online help 24/7

User manuals are a thing of the past. Use our online help, which is available 24/7 on all topics.

Designed for your future! Upgrades and extensions

PROGRANTA is expandable at any time and therefore ready to scale with you whenever you are ready. 

  • This is guaranteed by our innovative, flexible modular system.

  • And the best thing is everything is very easy and quick to implement! 

Other add-on modules

Get to know PROGRANTA’s full breadth of individual functionality, effectiveness and maximum data security.

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