CRM Management

Manage and facilitate all your communication, workflow and related data. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. With PROGRANTA you have a complete 360-degree view of your applicants and the related processes, as well as the team and departments involved. 

360 desgree view of all your processes

With 360 degree information, you have everything easily under control and it saves you an enormous amount of time. 

Optimize and automate all your communications

Digital communication completely organized and optimized.


Ideal communication through perfectly organized data. Find documents and data in seconds.

Perfect data and document organization makes your communication much more efficient. Find everything in seconds.

  • The problem with data and files is that the larger the volume of data becomes, the more you need to structure and organize it. 

  • With PROGRANTA you are always perfectly organized. E-mails, attachments and data in the processes can be found at a touch of a button. 

  • Opaque data storage and folder structures on local hard drives are a thing of the past. 

Manage undeliverable messages

Bounce management of digital messages.

  • Nowadays, e-mails are subject to a check that is carried out by the recipient server.

  • This also means that you will receive automated feedback if a message could not be delivered. E.g. because of missing assignment to the application, suspicion of viruses or because the email server limit was reached. 

  • PROGRANTA limits delivery attempts to 3 per day per recipient to avoid possible flagging for SPAM. 

Work with the e-mail program of your choice

PROGRANTA is a completely independent email client that is perfectly integrated into the PROGRANTA ecosystem. Additional licenses for other email programs are therefore unnecessary. 

Should you nevertheless wish to continue working with email programs such as MS Outlook or others – these can be integrated into our digital messaging system. 

Simplest operation through operating aids
  • Even our standard configuration allows every user to find their way around with our built-in guidance. From login through to every application level.

  • If desired, you can also store individual help texts. 

Online help 24/7

User manuals are a thing of the past. Use our online help, which is available 24/7 on all topics.

Designed for your future! Upgrades and extensions.

PROGRANTA is expandable at any time and therefore ready to scale with you whenever you are ready. 

This is guaranteed by our innovative, flexible modular system. 

And the best thing is everything is very easy and quick to implement.

Other add-on modules

Get to know PROGRANTA’s full breadth of individual functionality, effectiveness and maximum data security.

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