Document and Data management

The problem with document and data; the larger the volume, the more critical and complex it becomes to manage them so you don’t find yourself in data chaos one day. 

Perfectly organized and secured data is its money’s worth – which you either lose or gain as a result. A powerful, object-oriented database system is essential – as is managing data centrally. 

Your ideally structured data storage system with optimal virus protection

All documents that are either uploaded to the system internally by you or documents that are uploaded by applicants are immediately centrally assigned.

Object-oriented data guarantees optimal data input, search and documentation

The object-oriented data storage system organizes your data in such a way that it can be directly linked to any process in an unlimited number of ways, making it ultra-fast to find at any level.


One-time data entry immediately assigned multiple times
  •  PROGRANTA has found an optimal solution for linking a data entry to several processes at the same time. 

  •  You can assign database fields to several functions and operations at the same time. 

  • For example, several departments or financial years can be managed over several years. This is often the case with multi-stage procedures or transactions.

Data and documents 100 % paperless, digitized and automated
  • Fast, efficient and 100% paperless work processes. 

  • Process management system that monitors your entire processing and administration.

  • Configure your work steps and their status individually. 

Cross-system use of values and data

You can use data from other programs and departments cumulatively with PROGRANTA.

  • PROGRANTA also provides you with a high degree of flexibility when it comes to data from other databases. 

  • This can be important for controlling and other administrative purposes. 

Easy operation through operating aids
  • Already our standard configuration allows every user to find their way around with our built-in guidance. From login through to every application level.

  • If desired, you can also store individual help texts. 

Online help 24/7

User manuals are a thing of the past. Use our online help, which is available 24/7 on all topics.

Designed for your future! Upgrades and extensions

PROGRANTA is upgradeable at any time, so it’s ready to scale with you whenever you are. 

  • This is guaranteed by our innovative, flexible modular system. 

  • And the best thing is everything is very easy and quick to implement! 

Other add-on modules

Get to know PROGRANTA’s full breadth of individual functionality, effectiveness and maximum data security.

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