Grant Management

The entire grant approval process must be handled accurately and as seamlessly as possible. Especially when it comes to finances and funding, time plays an enormously important role. 

With PROGRANTA application management, you can process everything as promptly as possible while always maintaining an overview. 

Application, approval, processing – all in one workflow

With PROGRANTA you can cover the entire range of grant processing. From the application to the transaction.

Manage and retrieve approved funds

Don’t just manage funds – manage everything with a touch of a button.

Proof of use:

Interim and final proof of use lists can be created, submitted and managed by the auditors.


Display calculations that suits you best

Input and display your figures and calculations in Excel-like spreadsheets. 

  •  Perform automated calculations.

  • Unlimited options for individual calculations and formulas, including complex calculations for percentage retention, own funds to be brought in, or controlling repayments.

Simplest operation through operating aids

Even our standard configuration allows every user to find their way around in a self-guiding manner. From login to every application level.

If desired, you can also store individual help texts.

Online help 24/7

User manuals are a thing of the past. Use our online help, which is available 24/7 on all topics.

Designed for your future! Upgrades and extensions.

  • PROGRANTA is expandable at any time and therefore ready to scale with you whenever you are ready.

  • This is guaranteed by our innovative, flexible modular system. 

  • And the best thing is everything is very easy and quick to implement! 

Other add-on modules

Get to know PROGRANTA’s full breadth of individual functionality, effectiveness and maximum data security.

Ready to experience PROGRANTA?

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