Your complete
Application Management

The PROGRANTA basic license already offers you a comprehensive digital start, from the preparation of the application to the approval. Including simple operation and uncomplicated, digital document management. 

Seamless application management is critical. That's why you leave nothing to chance.

Our application management has been tried and tested for 15 years and has been continuously developed. Work with a system that has received the German Innovation Award for a good reason. 

Expandable and integrable. Ready for your use.

PROGRANTA application management is available in a powerful basic license.

Your Basic License

Complete application preparation. 100% online and digital.
  •  Freely definable input mask for applicants. 

  • With individual design on request. 

  • All data field types: Number, text, currencies, units, date, formulas, check boxes and upload function for attachments. 

Efficient application processing. 100% online and digital.
  • Individual processing masks depending on the internal task area. E.g. for processing, committees, etc. 

  • All information is well structured at a glance. Projects, status, tasks and other functions. 

  • Several processors for one transaction. 

  • No application limits for applicants. Any number of applications from one applicant can be processed simultaneously. 

Work processes 100% paperless, digitalized and automated.
  • Fast, efficient and 100% paperless work processes.

  • Use a process management system that monitors your entire processing and administration.

  • Configure your work steps and their status individually. 

Individual access management at each stage of processing.

Define and control access rights individually for each processing level and department in your organization. 

  • Roles and rights 

  • Password Management 

  • Individual and user group related 

Information search and data documentation.
  • Unlimited information search of all available database records and database fields.

  • Search results can be copied to a clipboard.

  • Predefined search functions can be set individually. 

  • Module ‚History Log‘ gives you the possibility to define the recording of all data individually. This means that you can determine what data and how the activities are to be tracked. 

Your structured filing system with optimal virus protection.

All documents that are either uploaded by you internally into the system or documents that are uploaded by applicants are fully secured. 

  • Each file gets a name and timestamp with which you can identify and assign it in a structured way. 

  • All your documents that are loaded into your system are automatically scanned for viruses at the highest level, providing you with optimal protection. 

Everything at the touch of a button: views, reports, printing.
  • Create custom views and print reports with ease.

  • Print application and contract contents, where-used lists, etc. simply at the touch of a button. 

  • Define individually from which processing status documents can be printed. 

  • Create and print not only documents but also statistics and overviews for control purposes. 

  • Also generated as CSV/Excel file, MS-Word, PDF or PDF/A.

Easy operation through operating aids.
  • Even our standard configuration allows every user to find their way around with our built-in guidance. From login through to every application level.

  • If desired, you can also store individual help texts. 

Online help 24/7.

User manuals are a thing of the past. Use our online help, which is available 24/7 on all topics.

Accessible use for people with disabilities in public offices according to BITV 2.0

Our entire system and design is up to date. This includes the barrier-free work for people with disabilities in public according to BITV 2.0 regulations. 

  • This essentially refers to the use of websites at work, as well as the mobile use of the application.

  • 100% electronic administration process and file management including a corresponding graphical user interface. 

  • PROGRANTA also works completely independently of Java, JavaScript, Flash, etc. and does not require any additional programs to be installed on computers. 

  • Appropriate input options are available for all users with disabilities. Integrated speech input and playback tools (text-to-speech) for Apple and Windows can be used directly with PROGRANTA. 

Designed for your future! Upgrades and extensions.

Your basic license is upgradeable at any time, so it’s ready to scale with you whenever you are. 

  • PROGRANTA is expandable at any time and therefore ready to scale with you whenever you are ready. 

  • This is guaranteed by our innovative, flexible modular system. 

  • And the best thing is – everything is very easy and quick to implement! 

Other add-on modules

Get to know PROGRANTA’s full breadth of individual functionality, effectiveness and maximum data security.

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